Practically Green
Small changes that make us

I would like to introduce our family; we are the Archers. We are a busy family of six living on our little slice of paradise in West Auckland. We like to think we are your average kiwi family, not hippies, not rich, not completely crazy. Well we may be a bit crazy with the goals that we will be setting for ourselves over the next few years.

So why are we documenting this process?

We want to share our journey with as many people as possible so that we can not only share the changes that we are making, but to hopefully inspire others to make small changes to their approach to waste and their spending habits. We hope that by sharing this journey our followers will be more mindful of the choices that they are making by seeing how easy it really is and being shown that there are different options available to them.

We are not perfect! This is a journey, something that is completely new to us.