Goals for 2017
Practically Green

2017 - Back to the basics

Our goal for 2017 is to make changes to our disposable lifestyle.

These days’ shops are filled with one-use items that have no other function and once used end up in landfill. With four young children nappies is our biggest source of waste closely followed by meat trays. The thing is, this does not have to be the case!

This year our plan is to research and purchase more eco friendly options to the products that we currently use and document this process. This is not only to help us to get on track for achieving our goal for 2018 (One year, one family, one bin), but it will also help us to get the hang of documenting our progress and build our audience.

To do this we will be purchasing and reviewing products that we come across that will help us to reduce our waste. Some of the products that we will looking at will be alternatives for plastic bags, meat trays, nappies, personal products, food waste, kitchen packaging (cling wrap, cooking paper, tin foil, the list goes on.

We will document these changes of our facebook page regularly as well as writing regular blogs to share this information. You never know, if we build up the courage we may even do a few video clips to share some more exciting stuff. We also do plan on having a few giveaways over during the year sharing the amazing products that we come across with you.

n.b. We would like to make note that to do this it is costing us a good amount of money. We are not rich by any means; we have been saving over the last few years to be able to do this. We do our best to buy these products on special where possible, and we are buying bits and pieces throughout the year when money allows. If we are lucky we may even be given products to review!