Goals 2018
Practically Green

2018 – One Family, one year, one bin

Our goal for 2018 is to reduce our household waste going to the landfill.

Two years ago we did not really think much about our every day waste. We were putting out two full rubbish bags a week!!! We were rather wasteful using every disposable item under the sun. We had two children in nappies, wet wipes were used for cleaning EVERYTHING, we recycled the bare minimum and it was not a priority to fix things as they broke. When prepping the rubbish bags to put out each week if there was room left we would find other things to fill them! Yep, we were pretty bad!

Fast-forward to now (March 2017) and things are quite a bit different. Since making a few changes to our lives such as starting to use cloth nappies, having a compost bin, recycling and reusing what we can we have managed to reduce our waste to one bag per fortnight. It was amazing how such small changes made such a huge difference to our every day waste such as swapping to reusable wipes for nappy time or distributing our food waste to our dogs, compost, worms and chickens. The amount of food waste that we use to put into the rubbish bin was disgusting!

We decided to set ourselves a family challenge so encourage us to reduce our waste even more. Our goal for 2018 is to only fill ONE rubbish bin for the entire year!!! It is going to be pretty hard and there is a chance that we won't achieve this goal but we are going to try. There is no harm in trying and if we don't make it then it is ok.

So what inspired this goal?
After attending a Waste Free parenting workshop when our third child was a baby it really opened my eyes to how much waste we were producing, and it gave us an idea of some alternative products that we could use to reduce our waste. These workshops have continued to evolve over the years and are packed full of amazing information that is so useful to everyone, not just parents!

Then a few months later we read this article online and about a young Auckland who only produced one bin of rubbish for the whole year and it totally blew us away!!! http://www.newshub.co.nz/home/new-zealand/2016/01/auckland-family-takes-eco-to-a-new-level.html

At that time we were putting out two full bags of rubbish a week!!! The idea of producing one bin full of rubbish for an entire year stuck with us, however we felt that there was something missing. Whilst it did mention a few ways about how they reduced their waste, we felt that it would have been more powerful and helpful to others like us if the journey of how they managed to do this were documented.

So here we are trying to work towards achieving this goal and doing our best to document it as we go. We would love your suggestions and of course your support to keep us on track.