Practically Green

We recycle as much as possible including soft plastics. We are growing some of our veggies and feed our scraps to our worms, our chickens or put it in the compost. We fix what is broken instead of binning or replacing it, and we try to avoid buying junk that breaks quickly and usually ends up in the rubbish. Kiwi’s are born tinkerers and we find that almost every week we are finding another trick or homemade system to try out. If you remove the guilt of waste and just try to enjoy the challenge of continually improving what you throw out, you will be amazed what you can accomplish.
Since making these changes, we feel much better knowing we are teaching our kids to think more about the impact that we have on the environment. We are feeling happier, we are keeping costs down not buying junk, and it is satisfying seeing less waste leaving our property.
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Cloth Nappies

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Rainwater collection

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Waste Recycling

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