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Reusable Produce bags

Are you sick of all of the plastic bags that you need when shopping for fresh produce? Did you know that there is a fantastic reusable option?

We purchased these Reusable Produce bags through Pouch Products here in New Zealand. This was our first time purchasing and using reusable produce bags with Pouch Products being recommended to us by the Nappy Lady Kate Meads from Waste Free Living. There are other brands out there but we chose to go with what was recommended to us, plus Sharyn from Pouch Products is absolutely lovely.

This is what we thought of them:
• The first thing that I noticed about the produce bags is that they are so soft and stretchy, yet so sturdy. The quality of the product is of such a high standard that I felt confident loading them up with a few kilograms of apples knowing that the bag could handle the weight.

• They are transparent meaning that the checkout operators have no issues identifying their contents.

• They pull shut with a draw string meaning that your produce is not going to fall out like they do with the plastic bags at the super market

• They look great! Aesthetics really does matter to how happy you are with a product.

• When you unload your groceries the fresh produce can be placed straight into the fridge still inside the produce bags. This makes it much quicker.

• If the bag gets dirty it can be washed in your machine (hand wash or gentle wash), it dries quickly and then is ready to be reused.

• There are many other uses other than just as produce bags thanks to its drawstring, stretchy breathable fabric and large size.

We love using our produce bags knowing that we are reducing our waste (whilst the plastic produce bags can be recycled through soft plastic recycling, they are turned into non recyclable plastic*) and that by making the switch we are supporting an amazing New Zealand business. We have not tested any other reusable produce bag option but we are so satisfied with our current ones that we do not feel the need to purchase any other brands.

*Despite this we do still encourage soft plastic recycling. We just encourage you to find reusable items that replace the need for the soft plastic recycling.
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