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Homemade yoghurt

Do you love fresh yoghurt? Do you find that your family goes through your yoghurt quickly leaving you with none left to get you through the week? If so, maybe you should look into making your own. It is easy and tastes delicious!

We have not bought ready made yoghurt in years, instead we make our own using our Easiyo and Hansells yoghurt makers. Between the two brands there are so many delicious flavours that will are perfect for even the fussiest of eaters.

So what made us swap to homemade yoghurt?
We were living in Hamilton where the recycling collection only accepted plastics 1 and 2 meaning that yoghurt pots were destined for landfill. With young yoghurt loving children who consumed a twelve pack of yoghurt each week, our waste was stacking up.

It was then that I pulled out our Easiyo yoghurt maker that I picked up at a garage sale when we first went flatting and starting making our own. I bought some small containers and sent a small snack worth for our children to school/daycare. They loved it and the only waste at the time was the yoghurt mix packaging which is a lot less that the waste produced from store bought yoghurt.

Some benefits of making your own yoghurt:
• You can make it up as you need it. If you run out in the afternoon you can put another batch on to “cook” over night so that it is ready in the morning.

• You can also be in charge of your portion sizes.

• Homemade yoghurt is filled with all sorts of goodies such as probiotics that help your body stay healthy. This is something missing from many cheaper store bought yoghurt brands.

• It tastes great with so many different flavours to suit everyone.

Is it cheaper than pre-made yoghurt?
This depends on where you buy it from and if they are on special. From my experience it is cheaper and I prefer the taste as I find pre-made yoghurt to be too sweet.

You can also substitute parts of the yoghurt mix with milk powder. Some do two parts yoghurt mix to one part milk powder, while others only use a tablespoon of yoghurt mix and bulk it out with milk powder, then just prepare it as usual. If you want to try this I highly recommend starting small substituting one table spoon at a time until you get a taste that suits you.

Sadly, the packaging contains a foil layer meaning that it is not able to be recycled in soft plastic recycling bins. While it is something that I have suggested that Easiyo look into changing, I do not think that it is a priority right now. We are going to think of creative ways to upcycle our yoghurt packaging so keep an eye out for this in the coming months!
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