Practically Green

Our Garden

We are still relatively new to gardening but have found it so addictive and rewarding.

We started off with a small raised garden using some leftover timber from a fence and a compost heap we had spent 5 years loading with garden waste because we were too cheap to throw it away (honesty). $10 worth of seedlings from the supermarket and a few months of occasional watering and we had a table filled with our own produce.

When we moved to our new property we decided that every possible corner would be utilised for food! Now we have a massive vegetable patch, a greenhouse and a mini(ish) orchard with 30 fruit trees. We are not going to lie, regardless of trying to cut costs wherever possible, this garden has cost a lot of money and taken a great deal of time.

We didn't have to do everything so fast but want the benefits asap and can afford it right now. We know that every cent is an investment and will try to share any helpful hints as we go along. A good place to get information and ask questions on Facebook is NZ Vege Gardeners.
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