General Recycling

In Auckland we are lucky to have an excellent recycling centre that accepts most types of hard plastics as well as paper, cans, glass and tetra packs. In our house we have switched bins so now the large one on the right is our recycling bin and the small black bin is for the landfill. The blue bag is filled with two days worth of non-reusable nappies which we try to avoid now, which has to be our largest contributor to total waste reduction leaving this house. As of May that black bin tends to need emptying monthly while the other bin gets emptied into our larger recycling bin weekly.

These are all hand sorted so make their job easier by excluding any non-recyclables from your bin and cleaning everything thoroughly before putting it in.

Apparently one issue they have is with well meaning clothes ending up in there to be recycled, if they are reusable please find a local clothing bin to donate them to and if not please use them as rags or upcycle them (coming soon)
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